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Hightech Dreams

link preview image Heapsort Interactive Visualization

An interactive visualization of the heapsort algorithm.

link preview image Fibonacci Numbers

Fibonacci Number calculator and Fibonacci sequence generator. This page also has downloadable implementations in c and Java.

link preview image Factorial Number Calculation

Shows how to calculate factorial numbers and provides a factorial calculator for exact results up to 1000!

link preview image LCS algorithm

An interactive visualization to help people learn the Longest Common Subsequence algorithm that uses dynamic programming

Closest Sum

A page to help people understand and test their understanding of a 141 assignment called closest sum

link preview image Uncompress Visualization

A page to help students understand the uncompress problem.

link preview image Huffman Coding

Explains the Huffman encoding scheme and construction of Huffman trees

link preview image Float Point Number Encoding

Shows how to convert number values into binary and hex representations of single precision floating point numbers. Let\'s you input any number value and automatically shows work for conversion process.

link preview image Float Point Number Decoding

Shows how to calculate a number value from a single precision floating-point number in binary form. Any binary value can be inputted and it automatically derives the value while showing the intermediate steps.

Longest Common Substring

The algorithms and implementation for solutions to the Longest Common Substring problem. This is not to be confused with the Longest Common Subsequence problem.

link preview image Binary Search Tree

An introduction to binary search trees and some operations on them.

Scheduling Policies

A study tool for anyone trying to understand scheduling policies such as first come first serve, shortest job first, and round robin

link preview image Graph Drawer and Path Finder

Interactive graph drawer and path finder

link preview image Maze Generator

Generates mazes

link preview image Bankers Algorithm

An interactive tracing document for the Bankers Algorithm

link preview image HTTP Exercises with Java

Practice exercises/tutorial for HTTP

UWindsor Course Concepts

A page listing information about various courses and concepts taught at the University of Windsor

Prime Numbers

Prime number generator